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Pumps and Accessories

We like to discuss your water tank and pump requirements with you personally, because everyone's needs are different. 

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About the pumps we 
supply and install

Brookwater Tanks supplies a variety of pumps suitable for your water tank needs, but we mainly use Vada, Grundfos and Davey pumps. Pump prices start from $690 supplied and installed, but your specific needs will always be taken into consideration.

Vada Pumps

Davey Pumps

Grundfos Pumps

Vada Pumps

These pumps are excellent for household pressure systems, garden irrigations or water transfer and ideal for high pressure applications and where low noise levels are required. Vada pumps are suitable for all types of jobs and projects.

Davey Pumps

Davey pumps are high quality German pumps, compact in size and very robust. They are suitable for domestic water supply systems and when in operation, produce low noise. These pumps have an automatic start / stop when equipped  with Presscontrol and provide ample water pressure for watering requirements.

Grudfos Pumps

These pumps are also a high quality pump suitable for rain water tanks. They provid ample water pressure to power a garden hose with a spray nozzle for washing cars, garden watering as well as sprinklers and garden irrigation systems.

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Water Tank Accessories

When customers have a rainwater tank installed, they often purchase one of the following accessories. The most popular water tank accessories are listed below. 

Water Diverter

Leaf Eater


Pump Covers

Water Diverter

The First Flush Water Diverter is a necessary accessory if you want good quality water.  Installing a water diverter will not only provide better water quality but it can help to protect your water pump and increase the life of your water tank.

Leaf Eater

A Leaf Eater Tain Head is a filtering system fitted to downpipes and protects the pipe system from mosquitos and other pests. When a leaf eater rain head is installed, leaves debris are diverted away from the flow of water improving water quality.

Pump Covers

When a pump cover is fitted, it will help to reduce noise and protect the pump from the elements. A pump cover can keep pets and children from touching  the fittings and controls.  Pump covers are durable and available in 8 different colours.