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Steel Water Tanks

Colorbond® Aquaplate® Steel Rainwater Tanks are either round, slimline or square in shap​e, tanks can also be custom made to suit your individual needs. The water never touches the steel due to the polymer coating on the inside of the tank walls plus the inside and outside of the tank base. This ensures the steel water tank complies with the tough Australian Standards regulating the storage of water fit for human consumption. The tanks we supply carry a 20 year warranty against corrosion. Steel Water Tanks have a long life, even in our Australian environment and will not deteriorate over time due to the strength of the steel along with the long life polymer coating. Colourbond® Aquaplate® Steel Tanks have a very low impact on the environment and are fully recyclable.

Slimline and Modline Water Tanks

Slimline and Modline water tanks are our most popular tanks because they are more compact in size and relatively inexpensive to buy. Slimline rainwater tanks are ideal when space is restricted. They can be easily installed under a window, against a house wall or fence or where ever space might be limited. Tanks are delivered direct to you from the manufacturing facility or from the tank factory. 

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